Pet & Animal Policies

A warm welcome to the residents and tenants of “Neal Fineman Property Management”, we try our best to ensure mutual accountability and responsibility for your benefit. We ensure that there is no inconvenience in any way.

It is important for every tenant to understand and recognize our pet and animal-related policies. This also includes those residents and tenants that do not own any pets. 

We will need you to perform a third-party application or screening process. This quick and easy process is physical evidence of your pet/animal-related acknowledgments, the pet history, and the accuracy of the file and records.

In this screening process, select any one option that best describes your situation. 

  • Resident or tenant with no pets or Animals:

This application process is for the residents or tenants with no pets or animals. Such residents or tenants do not have to pay any cost for this application process.

  • Resident or tenant with household pets or Animals:

This application process is required from residents or tenants with household pets or animals. These household pets can be cats, dogs, rabbits, and hamsters. Fish tanks are also included. So the housing provider must clarify the proper information of these mentioned pets.

  • Animal Assistance:

If any resident or tenant needs animal assistance, they have to follow the process of HIPPA compliance. And the safe way of submitting the accommodation request for assistance. This assistance is of different types, one is a service animal, the second is an emotional support animal, the third is a companion animal, etc.)

This accommodation request is reviewed by a third-party review team to ensure that the accommodation request is according to HUD’s Fair Housing Act guidelines. 

There is no cost for submitting this request. But you should be aware of the consequences you have to face according to your State law in case of submitting a fraudulent accommodation request.*IMPORTANT POINT FOR ALL RESIDENTS AND TENANTS: Kindly complete the screening process. This process is not only limited to the pet/ animal owners but is also applicable to the residents or tenants that do not own a pet or animal.