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Liliha-Alewa, HI, is one of the state’s most beloved neighborhoods for renters. It’s far enough from the busiest streets in Honolulu, HI, to claim a serene atmosphere but still close enough for adventurous renters to visit parks, beaches, and shopping centers at their leisure. 

However, despite Liliha-Alewa’s popularity, finding prospective renters in the community is no easy feat. In fact, property management in Liliha-Alewa is even more demanding than it is in other areas since the market is so competitive.

Our team at Neal Fineman Property Management makes it easy for property owners to find qualified tenants for their real estate. Our goal is to make every phase of property management as easy as possible, and we achieve that goal by offering comprehensive services from our expert staff.

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Liliha-Alewa Property Management
Properties in Liliha-Alewa

What Our Property Management Company Does for Real Estate Owners

We take all of the complex parts of property management in Liliha-Alewa out of our owners’ hands so they can profit from their investments without any headaches or time consumption. Our team has experience in all aspects of property management, including marketing, rent collection, background checks, advertising, and more.

With our expertise, we offer our partners all of the following services for their properties:

  • Rent collection via our mobile-optimized online payment system
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance
  • Property marketing and applicant tours
  • Tenant interviews and background checks
  • On-site inspections and rule enforcement
  • Evictions
  • And more…

Additionally, we offer online resources for our property owners to easily view essential data like tenant information and rental summaries.

Benefits of Professional Property Management in Liliha-Alewa

Renting out residential properties is a worthwhile investment no matter where you do it. However, buying property in Liliha-Alewa, passing it to a tenant, and letting a qualified team like Neal Fineman Property Management look after it can be especially beneficial due to how popular the neighborhood has become.

Peaceful Neighborhood

Hawaii has become a popular tourist destination over the years, and you’ll see that status reflected across Honolulu’s nightlife and busy streets. However, Liliha-Alewa is largely untouched by tourists, giving anyone living there a quiet, peaceful neighborhood where it’s easy to build a life.

Though it might not attract many newcomers to the state, repeat visitors who have fallen in love with Honolulu’s atmosphere will naturally gravitate to Liliha-Alewa’s ambiance.

Competitive Market Compared to Other Honolulu, HI Neighborhoods

Property in Liliha-Alewa costs more on average than housing across the rest of Hawaii. Additionally, the average median income for Liliha-Alewa residents is roughly $10,000 more than the statewide average. That means that even though you likely had to pay more for your property than elsewhere in Hawaii, you’ll receive higher rent rates for it.

The higher than average rent in Liliha-Alewa mostly comes from the neighborhood’s location. Though it’s a quiet community, it’s close enough to different attractions to appeal to several types of hobbies.

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Property Management in Liliha-Alewa

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