Owners on the Gold Package receive this Benefits Package for free.

Owners on the Silver Package receive this Benefits Package for an additional $35 a month.

Enrollment in Rent Advance

Receive up to 12 months of rent payments upfront on qualifying leases. Rent Advance gives you CASH-INHAND while completely removing the risk of resident non-payment.

Market and Asset Level Rental Reporting

  • Average monthly rent amounts in your market
  • Current & future market value of your asset
  • Analysis of future rent amounts in your market

Real-Time Updates on Legislation Impacting Your Rental Portfolio

Receive automated legislative & regulatory updates on potential changes to housing regulations (State & Federal Jurisdictions)

Protected Rental Income

Receive up to 2 months of rental payments. Protect your rental income from renters that default on their rent payments.

Owner Benefit Package Opt-Out Details

Please click the link below to opt-out of the Owner Benefit Package offered by Neal Fineman Property Management. By electing to optout of this package I understand that I will not have access to the following product offerings included in the Owner Benefit Package.

  • Enrollment in Rent Advance
  • 2 Months of Protected Rental Income
  • Rental Analysis Reporting
  • Real-Time Legislative Updates

Disclaimer: By not electing to opt-out of the Owner Benefit Package your rental units will be automatically enrolled in the services offered above. An additional $35.00 per month will be added to your management fee. Your decision to not submit this opt-out hereby authorizes Property Manager and its service providers or their affiliates, if applicable, to act as a limited attorney-in-fact for the sole purpose to purchase or determine qualification for rent default insurance on your behalf for your rental units and to receive any documentation from the insurer for this coverage. Additionally, Property Manager, its service providers or their affiliates, if applicable, will be authorized to provide such insurer or its agent any information about you, the leases, and your tenants, as required by the insurer to establish eligibility for insurance coverage. You may elect to opt-out of the Owner Benefit Package within the first sixty (60) days of enrollment. If this form is not signed and returned within sixty (60) days, your rental unit(s) will remain enrolled for the duration of the existing lease associated with that unit.

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